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The Genius of Birds. Lecture by Jennifer Ackerman

Cartagena 2020 , 

Jennifer Ackerman (United States) has dedicated the last three decades to writing about nature and science. The author of seven books, her most recent work is the international bestseller The Genius of Birds (2017). In her talk, based on her latest book, she explores the genius of birds and gives us a close-up view of the mysteries of the brains and clever behavior of birds. Ackerman will tell us stories and show photographs that document her global research. We will learn how birds use their remarkable mental abilities, how they learn from each other, navigate, use their extraordinary memories, create artworks, communicate using systems that are similar to our own languages, and even transfer cultural traditions from bird to bird.

The use of headphones is mandatory due to the acoustics of the room. They will be collected at the venue

Simultaneous translation from English to Spanish available

The Genius of Birds. Lecture by Jennifer Ackerman