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Belén Artuñedo, Fermín Herrero and Carlos Aganzo

The Earth We've Got Left – Poetry Recital

Segovia 2020, 

The miracle lasted but a few months. The pandemic devastated the planet. People withdrew into their homes. And nature recovered substantial ground. Now Earth shudders once more. It wants to talk. Talk with a firm voice. And also a poetic one. Three Spanish poets settled in Castilla y León gather in a setting defined by the footprint of its natural heritage to raise their voices with verve in a new song to nature. Belén Artuñedo (Cuadernos de China, Teselas, Orden de alejamiento) has accumulated a wealth of poetry full of force and expressive vigour, with a deep and penetrating look on the world and human beings. Fermín Herrero (Tierras altas, Sin ir más lejos, Alrededores) is one of the most relevant poets on the subject of the planet and nature of our time, through a poetry that turns the most basic, the insignificant, into a universal symbol of the passing of man on Earth. Lastly, the poetry of Carlos Aganzo (Las voces encendidas, Las flautas de los bárbaros, En la región de Nod) permanently delves into the truth and falsehood of human beings, their relationship with themselves, with others and above all with the natural environment that surrounds them. Poetic humanism and naturalism at a time of redemption and reencounter with Earth. The Earth that we are. The one that belongs to us and to which we belong. The Earth that remains at this critical and unique time.

In case of rain, the event will take place at the same time in Hotel Palacio San Facundo (Plaza San Facundo, 4)