Lecture by Claudia de la Garza and Eréndira Derbez

No son micro. Machismos cotidianos

Querétaro 2020, 

Every day we see news of the rape and murder of thousands of women yet even so we still hear things like “it’s best if you stay quiet” and “what can you do, men are like that”. The art historians Claudia de la Garza (Mexico) and Eréndira Derbez (Mexico) are the co-authors of No son micro. Machismos cotidianos, an incisive book that deals with normalized expressions of sexism, taking them out of the comfort zone where they are filed as “unimportant”. De la Garza and Derbez offer this talk which explains how these supposedly soft forms of aggression become the backbone of femicide violence and, even more importantly, how to face up to them.

Ages 12 and over

Recording. Lecture available for viewing until September 8.
Duration: 60 minutes