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The Piatti Quartet in concert

Querétaro 2020, 

With a wide repertoire, from Baroque to contemporary music, from classical to popular music, the Piatti Quartet plays and promotes music for cello quartet, working on new compositions for one, two or four cellos, with composers such as Mauricio Beltrán, Félix Huerta, Luis Obregón or Fausto Castelo, who is the author of the first work dedicated to Piatti Quartet, named Cuatro movimientos. The quartet also plays music by Vivaldi, Corrette, J.S. Bach, Mozart, Fitzenhagen, Piatti, Gardel, The Beatles, Queen and many more. They started as a group in 2016 in the city of Querétaro and are Guillermo Sanchez, Luis Arcos, Carlo Camero and Roberto Morales.

The Piatti Quartet in concert