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Paul B. Preciado in conversation with Gloria Susana Esquivel

After the patriarchy and colonialism

Arequipa 2020, 

Paul B. Preciado is a Spanish philosopher and art curator. He is the author of the works of essay Manifiesto contrasexual, Pornotopía, Testo yonqui, Un apartamento en Urano and Yo soy el monstruo que os habla (2020). This last work is based on a speech given by Preciado to 3,500 psychoanalysts at the École de la Cause Freudienne in Paris. This speech, a stern criticism of the patriarchal and colonial regime that validates the epistemology of Freudian psychoanalysis, proposed a challenge to these models, now obsolete given the new forms of socio-political criticism of the use of language, colonial patriarchy and the new pharmaco-pornographic technologies. Preciado will talk to Gloria Susana Esquivel.