Event 49

María Dueñas in conversation with Jesús Vigorra

Characters who trap a million readers

Venue: Torreón de Lozoya

María Dueñas brings us moments of reunion, including hers and ours with the protagonist of the unforgettable novel The Seamstress, a work that established its author as one of the most read in the Spanish language, a position that she still retains. Sira, after whom the new book is named, returns almost twelve years after the events of the story of that young and resourceful seamstress, caught up in the world of espionage. Dueñas takes her, and us, to Jerusalem, London, Madrid and Tangiers, and gives her main character the experience of motherhood. What is more, fans of the author of books such as Misión Olvido and Las hijas del capitán, can see the second adaptation of one of her books, which has been made into a television series. After the international success of the adaptation of The Seamstress, released as The Time in Between, we can now see La templanza, a story of family intrigue set in the 19th century.

María Dueñas will talk to Jesús Vigorra, producer and presenter of Las mañanas on Canal Sur Radio.

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María Dueñas in conversation with Jesús Vigorra