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Eva Hache in conversation with Javier Celaya

The voice of Generation Z

Segovia 2021, 

Eva Hache is an actor, presenter and comedian in the most genuine and traditional meaning of the word, but she is also one of those people who, from her first appearances, has been taken up warmly by the public. Now she has put this to good use, working for teenagers and young people to help them with their problems through the podcast Tú no me conoces, broadcast by Podimo. In it, Generation Z can talk, without censorship or filters, about matters such as sexual identity, physical image, the use of social media, spirituality, pornography… conversations that are often difficult to have with parents, teachers and even peers.

Eva Hache will talk to Javier Celaya, General Manager of Podimo in Spain. Celaya is an expert in helping cultural enterprises make a profit in the digital era. Using platforms such as, it has supported publishing companies, museums, libraries and foundations in positioning themselves on the Internet.