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Paul Mason

How to Stop Fascism: History, Ideology, Resistance

Winter Weekend 2021, 

Fascism is back. In January 2021, Trump supporters stormed the Capitol. From Brazil to India to Sweden, the Far Right is on the rise. Fascism is not a horror that we have left in the past; it is a recurring nightmare that is happening again – and we need to find a better way to fight it. The new Far Right is organisationally small, but its ideologies and symbols are proliferating across networks and social media, into the lives of ordinary people.

The author and broadcaster offers a radical, hopeful blueprint for resisting and defeating the new Far Right. His book is both a chilling portrait of contemporary fascism – what fascists believe and how they operate today – and a compelling history of the fascist phenomenon: its psychological roots, political theories and genocidal logic. He argues that fascism is a symptom of capitalist failure, and one that continues to haunt us.

Paul Mason