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Emma Dabiri and Jessica Nordell talk to Adam Rutherford

How can we overcome unconscious bias in relation to race and class?

Winter Weekend 2021, 

We know that prejudiced behaviour that clashes with our consciously held beliefs exists, to corrosive and even lethal effect. It robs organizations of talent, science of breakthroughs, politics of insight, individuals of their futures, and communities of justice.

Nordell has spent ten years immersed in the cognitive science, social psychology and developmental research that underpin current efforts to change our behaviour. In The End of Bias, she meets the scientists, psychologists, teachers, entrepreneurs, activists and police working to solve one of the great issues of our time.

Dabiri’s incisive, radical and practical essay, What White People can do Next, is a deliberate provocation; a robust, powerful and nuanced examination of race, class and capitalism drawn from years of academic study and lived experience, as well as personal reflections on a year like no other. With intellectual rigour, wit and clarity, she ushers in a vision of a new, reimagined future where ‘whiteness’ and ‘white privilege’ are interrogated, the impact of class re-examined and racialised thinking deconstructed.

The pair talk to the scientist, broadcaster and writer Adam Rutherford.

Emma Dabiri and Jessica Nordell talk to Adam Rutherford