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Hay Public Library.org CIC is the true story of how a local rural Welsh community organised together to turn an existential budget-cut threat of closure of their Public Library in 2019, with a massively supported local community campaign in 2020 and 2021 “Hands Off Hay Library”, into the signing of a 5 year legally-binding contract between the CIC (set up by the community) and Powys County Council, to keep our Library Open.

Powys CC must be given enormous credit for their political courage, shared vision and willingness to work with our CIC in collaboration to secure the future of Hay Library.

In our first five years, we will expand the relevance of the Library and innovate it to the degree it becomes the first port of call for everyone in our Community wishing to access ANY of Powys’ Services or any other Welfare or Social Service.

Furthermore we intend to assist our community in developing networks to face the future, and tackle issues including food security, energy security, housing security and welfare and mental health security, particularly in the face of Climate Change, while also supporting our young people.

Having had the support of the Hay Festival Foundation, we hope to continue to work with the Festival and the wider community to revolutionise the very concept of the Public Library and create a blueprint for others to follow.

Website:  https://haypubliclibrary.org

Email:  query@haypubliclibrary.org

Hay Public Library