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Santiago Gamboa in conversation with Adriana Cooper

Colombian Psycho

Jericó 2022, 

How deep do the wounds of violence seep into a society like Colombia's? Santiago Gamboa, one of the most remarkable storytellers of the current Colombian literary landscape, addresses this theme in his most recent book. Gamboa's work, which includes twelve novels, three travel books, a short story collection and multiple essays, has been critically acclaimed on an international level and has been translated to at least eighteen languages. In Colombian Psycho, Gamboa portrays the national reality with an intriguing and insightful pace, that shifts between reality and fiction. With diverse characters which include a bold prosecutor, a polyamorous indigenist professor, an argentinian mercenary and Santiago Gamboa himself, the reader enters a story of suspense that begins with the discovery of human bones in the mounts of La Calera, at the East of Bogotá. In conversation with Adriana Cooper.