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Mario Mendoza and Fernanda Trías in conversation with David Lara

Our imagined times

Cartagena 2022, 

Two authors whose work reflects our strange reality in a raw, disturbing and imagined way, talk with the writer and journalist David Lara. Mario Mendoza is the author of 13 novels, including the highly acclaimed Satanás (2002), winner of the 2002 Biblioteca Breve Award. In his latest book, Bitácora del naufragio, the author observes how humanity is out of control on a path of violence, destruction and excess, and in the background a pandemic is going on. What is the solution? Fernanda Trías (Uruguay) is the author of the book of short stories No soñarás flores and four novels. She took a Master's degree in Creative Writing at New York University and is a literary translator from English and French. Her most recent book, Mugre rosa, winner of the Sor Juana Inés de la Cruz Prize at FIL 2021, was written as an author-in-residence at the University of the Andes. The novel is set in a port city whose inhabitants are victims of a strange disease that has paralyzed everything; death, quarantines and suffering are the daily bread. As food there is only one bland sausage - pink grime, the mugre rosa.