Irene Vallejo in conversation with Yolanda Reyes

Cartagena 2022, 

A much-anticipated discussion with Irene Vallejo, the author of one of the most read non-fiction books in the Spanish language in recent years. Irene Vallejo (Spain) is an award-winning writer and doctor of Classical Philology, known for her studies into and educational work about the ancient world and classical authors. In 2020 she was chosen for AECID’s 10 de 30 project, a selection of ten Spanish writers in their 30s; she also received the National Essay Award for her latest book, El infinito en un junco (2019). This outstanding work examines the history of books and reading, covering over 30 centuries of writing and books, dealing with the different technologies and methods of manufacture, printing presses, libraries and bookshops around the world, as well as the secrets, prohibitions and traditions that have surrounded reading. Vallejo will talk about this fascinating book with Yolanda Reyes.

Event sponsored by SURA, Protección and Bancolombia