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Ali A.K.A Mind and Leonard Renteria in conversation with María Camila Moreno

On social protest

Medellín 2022, 

2020 was the year of the pandemic, and also the year of social protest in Colombia. It could be said that the pandemic carried to the extreme situations that were already hard to bear, resulting in mass demonstrations and, unfortunately, in the loss of lives. Ali A.KA Mind is a an independent rapper, MC and producer from Bogotá. Leonard Rentería is a social leader and student of Psychology from Buenaventura who actively works towards reducing the complex climate of violence that his city is experiencing. These two guests will give us their own interpretation of what is happening in terms of social discontent in the country, in conversation with María Camila Moreno.

With the support of ICTJ - Centro Internacional para la Justicia Transicional