Event 36

Danilo Pérez

In Concert

 – Baillie Gifford Stage

A Grammy Award-winning pianist, composer, educator and social activist, Danilo Pérez is one of the most influential and dynamic musicians of our time. His music blends Panamanian roots with elements of Latin American folk music, jazz, European impressionism, West Africa, and other musical heritages that seek harmony as a multi-dimensional bridge among peoples.

As a solo artist and collaborator with jazz giants ranging from Dizzy Gillespie to Wayne Shorter, he has been hailed as one of the most creative forces in contemporary music.

Pérez is the paragon of an international jazz citizen and visionary leader who believes that a united global perspective for the arts and social justice is key to moving humanity forward in harmony. Currently, he serves as a UNESCO Artist For Peace, Cultural Ambassador to the Republic of Panama, and Founder and Artistic Director of the Panama Jazz Festival and Berklee Global Jazz Institute.

His latest release Crisálida opens new formations that explore all dimensions of the process of creation. In this search for the unexpected, Pérez brings Global Jazz Womxn from the prestigious Berklee Global Jazz Institute. He visualizes Crisálida as a protected multicultural platform where we can creatively address issues of immigration, climate change, environmental justice and social justice. Global Jazz Womxn are Patricia Zárate Pérez from Chile on sax, Francesca Remigi from Italy on drums and Ciara Paula Moser from Austria on electric bass.

90 minutes without an interval
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