Event 346

The Waste Land


 – Festival Friends Stage
In 2015 the Happy Days Enniskillen International Beckett Festival commissioned a new setting of The Waste Land created with the permission of the T.S. Eliot Estate. The work was directed by Adrian Dunbar for four actors, with score for improvising quintet by Nick Roth.
Ted Hughes declaimed of the poem: “We are often told that coming when it did, in 1922, out of the shock and exhaustion immediately following the First World War, this poem stands between the old world and the new; that it recapitulates the decay and collapse of the inner life of the old world, and at the same time divines – and defines – the spiritual condition which became the cornerstone of the new.”
Tonight’s event marks 100 years since the poem, published in December 1922, heralded the birth of modernist English literature.

Director: Adrian Dunbar Composer: Nick Roth Voices: Anna Nygh Orla Charlton Frank McCusker Stanley Townsend
Musicians: Alex Bonney - trumpet / electronics Nick Roth - saxophones / objects Alexander Hawkins - piano Neil Charles - double bass
Simon Roth - drums
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