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Workshop with Jan Hall

Changing Gear: Creating the Life You Want After a Full-On Career


An accessible and practical look at how to step away from a full-time career to create and transition to a new pattern of life and work. In a world in which we are all living longer, Jan Hall helps us to think deeply about how best to use this extra time. Coping with transition can be hard at every stage of life, but it presents unique challenges as we come to the time of our lives when we are facing the end of full-on, full-time work. She looks at why work is such an important part of a person’s identity, and how challenging it can be when it’s time to change gear.

Offering insight, advice and a practical eight-step transition plan to help you make the right decisions to move from a full-on career to a full-on life, this workshop provides the tools to identify what’s most important and develop the skills needed to cope with change, and create a road map for the future. Jan looks at case studies of people who have transitioned from one career to another and shines a light on the underlying, and sometimes unconscious, psychological and social dynamics involved.

Now, due to the pandemic more than ever, our working lives have changed and we are all getting used to a new way of doing business. Coping with transition is hard and this workshop will help you navigate new ways of working.

Jan Hall is a successful entrepreneur and business leader. She is now an adviser to FTSE 100 CEOs and chairmen. She was a leading global headhunter for over 20 years, has sat as a Non-Executive Director on multiple boards, and coaches top leaders.

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Workshop with Jan Hall