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Esther Paniagua in conversation with Inés Santaeulalia

Imagine: Technology. Error 404. Are we ready for a world without Internet?

Arequipa 2022, 

The Internet is a powerful instrument, yet also a double-edged sword: it has opened up information that can be accessed cheaply and immediately, in an unprecedented transformation; but it, together with the social media, has submitted many people to manipulation and addiction. Another unsettling aspect is that we can now no longer imagine a world without the Internet, a tool that just a few decades ago did not even exist. Esther Paniagua (Spain) is a writer and journalist who specializes in matters related to science and technology. Her brilliant and bold essay Error 404. ¿Preparados para un mundo sin internet? (2021), proposes a vision of what would happen if we were suddenly left without the Internet. How far are we from a life without connection to the web? Perhaps we are closer than we suspect. In conversation with journalist Inés Santaeulalia.