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César Rendueles in conversation with Mariana Sánchez Aizcorbe

Equality of opportunities?

Arequipa 2022, 

A doctor in Philosophy and lecturer in Sociology at Madrid’s Complutense University, César Rendueles has worked extensively as a translator, editing classic works of philosophy by Walter Benjamin, Jeremy Bentham and Karl Marx, and is the author of the books Sociofobia (2013) and Capitalismo canalla (2015). His most recent work is Contra la igualdad de oportunidades (2020), a text that explores the development of equality in different social contexts, from gender equality to culture, work, family and education, and which examines concepts such as the one we know as “equality of opportunities”, the value that we give as a society to individual liberties and the reigning inequalities that threaten true democracy. He will be in conversation with Mariana Sánchez Aizcorbe.