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Carmen McEvoy and Dante Trujillo in conversation with Ricardo Sumalavia

Reflecting on today's Peru from its turbulent origins

Arequipa 2022, 

Historian Carmen McEvoy is the author of Patrias andinas, patrias citadinas, and book that analyses the years of the independence and early years of the republic of Peru, from a plural perspective: from the point of view of the capital and from the point of view of the interior of the country, and it tries to track the political and social DNA of Peru to understand its current situation. The writer and literary critic Dante Trujillo is the author of Una historia breve, extraña y brutal, about a fascinating historical event: the killing of the Gutiérrez brothers, which took place in 1872. They will talk to will talk to Ricardo Sumalavia about their respective books, from which they will also reflect on current day Peru.