María Elvira Samper and Maryluz Vallejo in conversation with Karim Ganem Maloof

Exclusions: Xenophobia and the political use of extradition

Cartagena 2023, 
Racism can be institutional and is always linked to cultural practices that have often been perpetuated over generations, even when there are laws against it. Extradition laws, which in theory facilitate the workings of justice, can be used for political motives. Luckily, more legislation and citizen awareness might be finally changing attitudes behind the systematic discrimination against millions of people, and which have supported illegal extraditions. Talking about these kinds of exclusion will be María Elvira Samper (Colombia), author of Extradición: De Lehder y los Rodríguez a Otoniel. Cuarenta años de “guerra contra las drogas”; and Maryluz Vallejo (Colombia), author of Xenofobia al rojo vivo en Colombia. In conversation with Karim Ganem Maloof.