Event 70

Eliezer Budasoff and Juan Cárdenas in conversation with Silvia Viñas

Reports from Latin America

Centro de Formación de la Cooperación Española (Salón Rey)
Writer Juan Cárdenas (Colombia) and Eliezer Budasoff (Argentina), co-presenter and editor of the podcast El hilo, present Rabia: Crónicas contra el cinismo en Latinoamérica, an anthology that offers an X-ray of the fractures that have opened in the territories of Latin America in recent years, through a series of reports signed by Elena Reina, Estefanía Pozzo, Juan Cárdenas, Ana Teresa Toro, Carlos Manuel Álvarez, Joseph Zárate, Wilfredo Miranda and Yasna Mussa. From Puerto Rico to Peru, via Colombia, Nicaragua and Mexico, these eight elegant pieces of writing give an in-depth view of the glories and failures of Latin American society. They will be in conversation with Silvia Viñas, executive producer of El Hilo.
Price: $35,000.00 (COP)