Serge Haroche in conversation with Juliana Restrepo

The Science of Light

Medellín 2023, 
How has the role of light in understanding the universe changed and continues to change? In 2012, Serge Haroche (France) was awarded the Nobel Prize in Physics together with David J. Wineland for their ground-breaking studies in the field of quantum optics. His discoveries harness the particle properties of light to create new technologies, such as ultra-fast quantum computers. With The Science of Light: From Galileo's Telescope to Quantum Physics, this Nobel laureate offers an illuminating account of what we know today about light, from the theory of relativity to quantum physics, how we have learned it and how that knowledge has led to countless inventions that have revolutionised everyday life. In conversation with Juliana Restrepo.

Simultaneous interpreting from English to Spanish available