Event HD35

Eoin Colfer, Andrew Donkin and Giovanni Rigano


Wye Stage

Come on a powerful, hopeful and timely journey into the real effects of climate change with the authors and illustrator behind the Artemis Fowl and Illegal graphic novels as they present their new book Global. They’ll tell us how the graphic novel came to be, the real-life stories that inspired it, and what it takes to create a breathtaking story mixing words and illustrations.

Global follows two young people on different continents whose lives are changed by global warming. Yuki, who lives in an increasingly deserted Inuit township in Nova Scotia, is trying to protect a rare grolar bear (a terrifying crossbreed created by climate change). Sami lives in a fishing village on the Bay of Bengal but, because of the ever-rising ocean level, each day is a struggle to survive.

9+ years
Price: £7.00