Event W36

Sea Change! Underwater World Workshop

With the University of Worcester Illustration Department

– Hwyl Stage

Recreate the magic world that exists beneath the surface of the world’s seas, with the University of Worcester’s illustration team. Come to draw and paint all manner of aquatic scenes and creatures. Take inspiration from recycled, hand-made ‘all seeing’ boxes, and mix it with your imagination, using paint, crayons and coloured pencils to express your ideas. You’ll create pictures of your underwater world that will contribute to a larger collaborative collage.

This workshop is part of Sea Change, the new venture of the International Centre for the Picture Book in Society, which is concerned with sustainability and promoting ocean literacy.

Artists from around the world have sent illustrated postcards to form the Sea Change exhibition, drawing attention to the growing threat to our ocean and seas. You can visit the exhibition at the Festival, and talk to the University of Worcester Illustration Department lecturers who made the Sea Change project possible, on Friday 2 June, 4pm.

9–11 years
Parents/carers may attend (no ticket required), or sign children in/out.
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