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Event 76

Fats Timbo

Main Character Energy: 10 Commandments for Living Life Fearlessly

 – Hwyl Stage

TikTok comedian and podcaster Fatima, known as Fats, is here to tell you that you are the hero that your story needs. Born with the genetic condition achondroplasia, which affects the growth of bones, she’s had to develop her superpower. In Main Character Energy, she shares how through the good and the bad times, she’s learned a few lessons which have made her fearless, and taught her how to be her own champion. With some sage advice and more than a few jokes, Fats teaches you how to embody main character energy with her 10 commandments for living fearlessly.

Fats Timbo is in conversation with TikTok creator Benjy Kusi, author of Hope this Helps.

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