Event 380

Dr Cheddar Gorgeous

Sailor Alien Cowboy

 – Wye Stage

Please note - This event was originally advertised as Sunday 4 June 2023, 8.30pm and has now changed to the above date and time.

Alien deity, drag queen, academic and idealist – Cheddar Gorgeous is the entertaining, hilarious and breathtaking star of Channel 4’s Drag SOS and BBC’s RuPaul’s Drag Race UK. Amplified to the mainstream through sensational TV performances, their roots grew from underground queer club culture and activism. The depth and breadth of their take on the power of drag has created their reputation as an educator of the more serious and complex dimensions of queer culture. Affectionately referred to as Dr Cheddar Gorgeous on the latest season of Drag Race, Cheddar (aka Dr Michael Atkins) has cemented their position as one of the nation’s most beloved drag queen mentors. In this live show they return to the boards, bringing their performative take on masculinity with a full artistic vision.

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