Event 365

Leah Broad and Alice Farnham talk to Gavin Plumley

Trailblazing Women in Music

Wye Stage

Discover the lives, loves, adventures and trailblazing musical careers of four now largely forgotten extraordinary women from Leah Broad, a junior research fellow at Christ Church, Oxford University and author of Quartet: How Four Women Changed the Musical World and Alice Farnham, a conductor who has played concerts with the Philharmonia Orchestra, Royal Scottish National Orchestra, BBC Concert Orchestra, and Southbank Sinfonia, author of In Good Hands: The Making of a Modern Conductor. In conversation with cultural historian Gavin Plumley, the pair introduce Ethel Smyth, a queer Victorian composer famed for her operas; Rebecca Clarke, a violist who was one of the first women ever hired by a professional orchestra; Dorothy Howell, a prodigy known as the ‘English Strauss’; and Doreen Carwithen, one of Britain’s first woman film composers who scored Elizabeth II’s coronation film.

Price: £12.00