Event 233

Woodland Heritage Timber Tour

With Will Bullough, Dermot Doyne and Nick Smith

 – Meeting Place on Site

From tree to timber – a chance to see for yourself how a small-scale, sustainable wood is managed. We’ll visit planting sites, ecosystem care and tree grading, and go into the sawmill to see the log being converted into timber. Find out what the challenges and opportunities are for the timber industry.

Your tour leaders will be: Will Bullough, former owner and initiator of Whitney Sawmill, now planter and manager of Whitney Wood; Dermot Doyne, manager of Whitney Sawmill, now owned by the charity Woodland Heritage which is committed to the promotion and protection of UK broadleaf woodlands; and Nick Smith, a woodland officer with the Forestry Commission for 44 years.

There will be uneven ground and steep paths so please wear sturdy footwear.

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