Event 232

Planet Assembly 6: What We Wear – What Must Change?

A Thought Laboratory

 – The Hive

Bring your best ideas to this solutions-focused workshop session. Facilitated by sustainability entrepreneur Andy Middleton, Chief Exploration Officer at the TYF Group, and joined by Sara Vaughan, advisor to the Sustainable Beauty Coalition Steering Committee, and digital fashion pioneer Kadine James, we’ll look at the key issue of what we wear. We’ll discuss the scale of the issue and a range of solutions, how to action them, how they might impact on their lives and how to manage the change.

Our never-ending passion for the latest styles and designs has been created by marketing and carries a huge social and environmental cost. The fashion industry accounts for a massive 8–10% of global carbon emissions and nearly 20% of wastewater production. While the environmental impact of flying is well known, fashion sucks up more energy than both aviation and shipping combined and this can’t continue. A growing band of entrepreneurs and fashionistas are rethinking fashion, asking: how can we create a green, regenerative fashion industry by sharing, reusing and redefining what ends up in our wardrobes from the High Street and online stores?

This workshop is part of our Hay Festival Planet Assembly, a daily, inclusive conversation over ten days involving lay people, scientists, commentators and experts. We want to empower everyone to be accelerators and multipliers for the dramatic policy transformations that are needed immediately to tackle the acute climate and biodiversity emergencies.

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