Event 208

Robin Ince


Llwyfan Cymru – Wales Stage

Writing I’m a Joke and So Are You changed the stand-up comedian's life. He wanted to find out what is really going on in the skull, and why we humans struggle so much with our sense of who we are: impostor syndrome, daydreaming, anxiety. Specifically, he wanted to understand these things as they related to his own specific subset of humans – comedians – who often seem to embody our frailties and vanities. Join him as he talks about neuroscience, neurodiversity and the debt of gratitude he owes to his book-loving father who died in April. Expect stories of love, poetry, comedy and fMRIs. The Guardian described the book as "full of warmth, wisdom and affectionate delight in the wonder and absurdity of being human".

This event replaces a cancelled event with Lewis Dartnell
This event has taken place