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Health & Wellbeing with Simone Veer

Nourishing Vitality: Science-Based Strategies for Optimal Wellbeing

Hay Festival 2023, 
Simone Venner, a registered holistic nutritionist and dedicated dietetic student, extends a warm invitation to an enlightening workshop that delves into the impact of nutrition on achieving optimal overall well-being. In this evidence-based session, Simone shares her expertise in gut health, expertly debunking prevailing nutrition myths and empowering participants to prioritise the vitality of their gut. Uncover practical and sustainable strategies for enhancing gut health through mindful food choices and lifestyle practices. Join Simone in this transformative workshop to acquire invaluable knowledge and embark on a journey towards a vibrant and thriving life.

Kanga Wellbeing will also be onsite throughout the Festival offering wellbeing and a wide range of holistic massage therapies. Therapies will be held in cosy lotus belle tents with heaters and fans. For more information or to book, please visit www.kangaevents.com/hay-festival. For enquiries, please email spa@kangaevents.com.

Health & Wellbeing with Simone Veer