Event 22

Raja Kirik in concert

Venue: Museo de la Ciudad (Espacio escénico)

Raja Kirik is an Indonesian duo, Yennu Ariendra and J. Mo'ong Santoso Pribadi, two artists who work with the rich cultural traditions of Java and its history of struggle against colonial oppression, to create a music that surprises, challenges and educates. Their music is inspired by the sounds of shamanic trance music for dancing to, specifically the Jaranan, or Jathilan, whose history goes back to the Hindu-Buddhist era of the 11th century. They present Rampokan, their second album, originally released by the cult Indonesian label Yes No Wave in June 2020. The album has its roots in the interpretation of Jaranan, in which musicians undergo a kind of possession, connecting with their unconscious minds and the memories and traumas of the body.

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Raja Kirik in concert

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