Event 48

Goran Petrović in conversation with Mariana H

The secrets of writing

Venue: Teatro de la Ciudad

Goran Petrović (Serbia) is one of the most acclaimed Serbian authors on the contemporary scene. Member of the Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts, and winner of his country’s most important awards (including the NIN and the Ivo Andrić), his works have been translated into many different languages. A number of his books have been published in Spanish, including the short story collection Diferencias (2012) and the novels Atlas descrito por el cielo (2003), La Mano de la Buena Fortuna (published in English as At The Lucky Hand), Bajo el techo que se desmorona (2014) and El cerco de la iglesia de la Santa Salvación (2015); he now returns to Mexico with Papel con el sello de agua, a novel set in Renaissance Italy, where Giovanna II, Queen of Naples, travels to the port of Amalfi to attend the celebrated Confraternity of the Congrega dei Cartari, which produces Europe’s finest paper. The monarch, renowned for her promiscuity, has the intention of buying this paper to write a love letter. She is accompanied by number of servants, her personal guard and army, and she threatens to burn the city unless they sell her the paper. The confraternity, so famous for the quality of its paper, is also known for being fussy when selecting purchasers, evaluating their honesty, moral values and the use to which the paper will be put. In conversation with Mariana H.

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Goran Petrović in conversation with Mariana H

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