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Presentation by Wendy Ramos

The story of the perronejo

Arequipa 2023, 
Wendy Ramos presents a very special project, with her own texts and illustrations. In her book we can discover the story of a curious and affectionate character: a ball of thread that, from one moment to the next, can take on life and become a piece of something. This character, full of life and hope, needs to find its origin and its place in the world. So begins a journey of exploration, seeking its own identity. Over the course of the pages, this “something” asks everyone it knows what it is, and each one tells it something different; some say it is a dog, some a rabbit. This search is full of humour and reflection. When it meets a character that helps it resolve its conundrum of identity, it decides that it need not be one thing or another, but rather can be something completely new and different. At this event, the acclaimed Wendy Ramos will delight the public with the story Perronejo.
Family event
Presentation by Wendy Ramos