Event 15

Suzanne Heywood talks to Francine Stock

Wavewalker: Breaking Free

Venue: St Mary’s Church

When she was just seven, Suzanne Heywood’s parents took her and her brother on what was meant to be a three-year voyage around the world. In reality, the family spent the next 10 years living through storms, shipwrecks, reefs and isolation. Heywood and her brother had little formal schooling, missed out on friendships and found their safety put at risk, with no state showing an interest in their welfare.

Longing for stability and an education, Heywood fought her parents, earning an interview at Oxford University aged 17 and returning to the UK. Join Heywood as she shares the story of her extraordinary childhood, and how she went on to gain a PhD at the University of Cambridge and find success in her career.

Heywood is now a chief operating officer of Exor, and the author of the Sunday Times bestselling book What Does Jeremy Think? and Wavewalker: Breaking Free.

She talks to writer and broadcaster Francine Stock.

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Suzanne Heywood talks to Francine Stock