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Lecture by Arnoldo Kraus

Euthanasia and assisted suicide

Cartagena 2024, 
In 2023, given the vast advances that have taken place in medical biotechnology, euthanasia and assisted suicide are issues that deserve to be discussed publically. Arnoldo Kraus (Mexico) is a Professor of Medicine and an expert in bioethics, sometimes called a “student of the soul”. He tackles this difficult and controversial matter, one that requires thinking, and talking to others, about death. He will reflect on concepts such as dignity, autonomy, anticipatory instructions, terminal patients, religious fanaticisms, the limits of life and medicine, biotechnology used suitably, or not… terms that need to be reflected on, both as individuals and as a society and a State. Kraus is the author of titles such as Decir adiós, decirse adiós; Una lectura de la vida; Dolor de uno, dolor de todos; La morada infinita. Entender la vida, pensar la muerte; Recordar a los difuntos; Cuando la muerte se aproxima and Una receta para no morir. Cartas a un joven médico. In his last book, Adiós, Glinka, Kraus writes for children about dealing with the loss of a pet, a creature that for many of us is another member of the family.
Lecture by Arnoldo Kraus