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Timandra Harkness and Mark Stevenson talk to Martin Wright

AI: Nothing to Fear?

 – Wye Stage

It’s a looming apocalypse, morphing beyond all human control… or it’s the dawn of a new golden age, when our lives will dramatically improve. What’s our best hope of taming the AI tiger? Writer and comedian Timandra Harkness’ latest book is Technology is not the Problem. She presents the BBC Radio 4 series FutureProofing and How to Disagree. Mark Stevenson is a ‘Reluctant Futurist’, a strategic advisor to governments, investors, NGOs and corporates, as well as a comedy writer. His books, An Optimist’s Tour of the Future and We Do Things Differently, map out proven solutions to current dilemmas. They discuss the looming AI apocalypse with environmentalist Martin Wright.

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