Event 91

Åsne Seierstad talks to Sarfraz Manzoor

The Afghans

 – Wye Stage

Norwegian journalist Åsne Seierstad (The Bookseller of Kabul, Angel of Grozny) introduces us to three people whose lives have been shaped by the fall and rise of the Taliban – Jamila, Bashir and Ariana – as well their families, friends, foes and co-fighters. Jamila is a prominent women’s rights activist; Bashi is a Taliban commander; Ariana is a law student who had one semester left when the Taliban came to power.

Drawing on her thought-provoking new book The Afghans: Three Lives Through War, Love and Revolt, Seierstad shows us their stories – encompassing love, loss, revolution and war as well as the everyday rhythms of family life. Experience the lead up to the Taliban retaking power in 2021, how the first year of their rule unfolded, and where this leaves Afghans today and tomorrow. Seierstad talks to writer and journalist Sarfraz Manzoor.

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