Event 254

Amy Forbes-Robertson & Monica Bhogal

Relationships & Sex Education for Secondary School Parents* Workshop

 – Creative Hub

An evening workshop for parents/carers/guardians/teachers/interested grown-ups* with It Happens Education (ithappens.education) and Schools Consent Project (schoolsconsentproject.com) discussing Relationships, Sex & Health Education (RSHE). In a world full of headlines about violence against women and girls, misogynistic influencers, explicit content online and harmful sexual behaviours… How can we support adolescents as they grow up in a world with new, complex conversations about consent, law and intimacy? What do we want for our young people? What do young people say they want? We promise top tips, conversation-starters and lots of engaging discussions and activities.

*Everyone is welcome. The practical activities will focus on conversations with secondary-aged children.
Price: £20.00