Event 411

The Art of Decision-Making in the Face of Climate Change

A collaborative, real-world simulation

 – Located in the Bright Orange marquee opposite the Meadow Stage entrance
Imagine a focus group created by escape room designers, where 12 players work
together to safeguard the future of a fictional company threatened by the impending and
uncertain impacts of climate change. That experience is called Do What You Must.

Participate in this entertaining, interactive workshop to uncover essential insights on how
groups work together and how the challenge of climate change requires us to
collaborate differently.

Participants will be guided through the 2-hour workshop by a team from the UCL Climate
Action Unit, which closes with a debrief with one of the co-creators of the experience:
Neuroscientist and Science Communicator, Dr Kris De Meyer.

Discover the art of decision-making in this beautifully created simulation from the critically
acclaimed digital storytelling studio Fast Familiar.
16+ years
This workshop is repeated on Thursday 30th, Friday 31st and Saturday 1st at 10am and 2pm
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