Event 14

Clara Carvajal talks to Claudia Rodríguez-Ponga and Catalina Tejero

Art and Conscience

Venue: Capilla del Museo Esteban Vicente

Does art really work as an instrument for raising awareness? In front of her work La Colmena Desplazada ('The Displaced Hive'), an altarpiece of 25 pieces carved in wood and printed on paper, the NGO AIDA presents the artist Clara Carvajal in conversation with IE University professor Claudia Rodríguez-Ponga, PhD Arts, and Catalina Tejero, Vice Dean of Arts and Humanities, IE University.

They will discuss the artistic process of the work as well as its message: a commentary on the human desire to seek and achieve new goals and challenges, and overcrowding in the forms of mass tourism of mountaineers on Mount Everest; the new space race in the private sphere; and the waves of immigrants who risk their lives trying to reach borders as desirable as they are inaccessible, and whose situation is of great concern to NGOs.

Event in Spanish

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