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Rosa Beltrán, Óscar Casares and Hugo Chaparro with Pepa Roma

Is it possible to teach the writing of literature?

Cartagena 2011, 
Given the proliferation of workshops, courses and qualifications in creative writing, the question demands an answer. Present will be the Colombian author Hugo Chaparro, who participated on Iowa University’s International Writing Program; Óscar Casares, who is Creative Writing lecturer at the University of Texas in Austin and also a writer, whose collection of short stories Brownsville was chosen as 2004 Book of the Year by the American Library Association and whose first novel Amigoland was praised by Publishers Weekly as an “outstanding novel”; and Rosa Beltrán, the Mexican writer, who is a Doctor in Comparative Literature from California University and currently Director of Literature at UNAM university’s Cultural Dissemination Department. They will talk to Pepa Roma, Spanish journalist and author of writings such as La trastienda del escritor, an essay about the art.