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Oliver James, Cassandra Jardine, Judith Woods and Victoria Woodhall

How to Manage Big Family Issues of the 21st Century

Hay Festival 2011, 
Influential family journalists and authors address some of the most pressing issues facing parents today. Chaired by Susanna Reid.
Speaker: Oliver James – Columnist, Guardian Family and author of They F*** You Up
Focus: First in School, Last in Life? – Good and bad tactics for getting your children to work
Speaker: Cassandra Jardine – Features Writer, The Telegraph and author of How to Be a Better Parent
Focus: Protecting children from the evils of today
Speaker: Judith Woods – Parenting and Family Journalist, The Telegraph
Focus: The cost of raising a family today
Speaker: Victoria Woodhall – Deputy Features Editor, YOU Magazine, Mail on Sunday
Focus: Issues facing families with women's roles in the workplace increasing
Chair: Susanna Reid – Presenter, BBC Breakfast and UK Youth Ambassador