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Óscar Campillo, Pepa Bueno y Marta del Riego talk to Teresa Sanz

The media trumps ‘culture’

Segovia 2011 , 
The limits between arts and disciplines have been broken, the moulds that structured branches of science or philosophical debate have been cast aside. The media has gone through a phase of hybridization and the barriers between various areas of information have been dissolved. This all matters from a global perspective and dailies such as MARCA, and magazines such as Vanity Fair and Yo Dona pick up on different elements of what is today called culture. For these media, in any case, the great challenge is still to find that magical formula that enables to communicate efficiently. Óscar Campillo (MARCA), Pepa Bueno (Yo Dona) and Marta del Riego (Vanity Fair) will address these issues. Chaired by Teresa Sanz.