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Edmundo Paz Soldán, Jordi Puntí, Bruno Arpaia and Juan Carlos Botero with Juan David Correa

Literary lives

Cartagena 2012, 
The Bolivian writer Edmundo Paz Soldán has won the Juan Rulfo Story Prize (1997) and the Bolivian National Novel Prize (2002). His latest novel is entitled Los vivos y los muertos. Jordi Puntí is a writer and columnist who writes in Catalan and Spanish, contributes to the newspaper El Periódico and has won a number of literary prizes. His latest novel is called Maletas perdidas. The Italian writer and journalist Bruno Arpaia is author of the novels Tempo perso and The Angel of History. He has won a number of prizes in Italy, such as the Selezione Campiello Prize and the Giovanni Comisso Literary Prize. Juan Carlos Botero is the author of El arte de Fernando Botero, he has contributed articles to El Tiempo and El Espectador, and has won awards such as the Juan Rulfo Prize for his work as a storyteller. They will talk about their relationship with literature with the writer and journalist Juan David Correa.