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Susana Baca, Paula Marcela Moreno Zapata and Luis Gilberto Murillo in conversation with Belisario Betancur. Introduction by José Luis Dicenta

African descent: one root, different voices

Cartagena 2012, 
Is being of African ancestry an identity? A cultural inheritance? A commitment to the future? How can reflection about the legacy that brings many Latin realities closer to their African origins be useful for accepting interculturality, that essence of our times? Unión Latina, which works hard to promote intercultural dialogue in all its forms, has the pleasure to present this debate. It will be an important moment, allowing intellectuals and experts to bring out the richness of that immaterial heritage that comes with African descent. Susana Baca, ex-minister of Culture of Peru, singer and composer; Paula Marcela Moreno Zapata, ex-minister of Culture and a manager of Manos Visibles, and Gilberto Murillo, Governor of the province of Chocó, will talk to the ex-president of Colombia and writer, Belisario Betancur. 

Co-organised with Unión Latina