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UK Youth Debate

Rethinking the ways we support young people in society

Hay Festival 2012, 
The race is on to re-engage young people in building an inclusive, healthier, more equal and economically viable society. But changing times need fresh thinking and new solutions. It is essential that we find new, more effective approaches to engage young people in meaningful and relevant ways and enable their participation in building a more resilient society. This is set to be a lively panel debate as our panel of experts from a range of backgrounds explore the radical ways in which we can support young people to address the social challenges that they and future generations face. Chaired byMartyn Lewis.
Speakers Martyn Lewis (Chairman of YouthNet and NCVO), Shaun Bailey (Youth worker and Conservative politician) Simon Milner (Policy Director, Facebook), Emma MulQueeny (Rewired State & Young Rewired State), Josh Cope (Youth participation worker, UK Youth), Dan Sutch (Head of Development Research, Nominet Trust)