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Monika Borgmann, Abir Saksouk-Sasso and Walid Sadek in conversation with Fadi Shayya

Checkpoints of memory in a post-war city.

Beirut 2012, 
The panel investigates the possibility of critical and discursive notions of spatial production in post-war Beirut against the city’s disrupted collective memory. It discusses why and how the reproduction of urban design and architecture conforms to dominant socio-political dogmas of division, whilst art searches (and sometimes finds) freedom in expressing critical stances for and about memory, using different media. With Monika Borgmann, filmmaker and co-director of UMAM, Abir Saksouk-Sasso, architect and activist, and Walid Sadek, artist and assistant professor at AUB, chaired by Fadi Shayya, urbanist and architect.
Event in English