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CJ Skuse & Matt Whyman

Zombies AND Cannibals

Hay Festival 2013, 

Two blackly comic writers talk about a zombie romcom, Dead Romantic, and a family where it’s really weird if you are not a cannibal, The Savages. Fans of Charlie Brooker and Warm Bodies, this is one for you.

Supposing you’re fed up of romantic rejection and you happen to have a chemistry genius friend? Would you think about making your own dead boyfriend? In Dead Romantic, two friends decide to have a go. Cue the best ZomRomCom around. CJ Skuse has a black and biting streak of comedy in all her fiction – Pretty Bad Things was great and Rockoholic was even better. Dead Romantic is her best yet.

Also on stage is Matt Whyman, author of the highly acclaimed Boy Kills Man, among other books. Matt is an agony uncle for Bliss and Radio 1, and he has written a darkly comic novel called The Savages. If your family were cannibals, would you really bring home a vegetarian boyfriend? Even one as handsome and charming as Jack? Probably not. Is this the first Cannibal RomCom?

CJ and Matt are bound to have a lot in common. If you like your comedy black, you’ll enjoy this one.

12+ years